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For us, quality is more than a good product. We believe that the difference lies in the details. That is why we continuously optimize our processes. We never compromise on quality. That is something we have been doing ever since Randers Tandhjulsfabrik was founded a century ago.

We only utilize certified suppliers and materials, and our experts always stand ready with advice. Together, these things help ensure that the products we provide to you are the highest quality and will confer the greatest possible value on your business.

Documentation of quality and precision

Our company culture is based on dependability, operational reliability and partnership. Documentation is a natural part of these values. We measure and document quality, tolerances and precision throughout the entire manufacturing process. The resulting data serve as more than just technical documentation; they also reduce worries and testify to the worth and dependability of the final product. We feel this is more than just recording technical data. This is benefit in terms of resources that we pass on to our customers. And it is our customers that decide on the extent of the documentation, which can range from a basic measurement report to non-destructive testing.


Transparency through traceability

Our products can be followed the entire way from order to delivery. All our processes are documented and archived, and all our gears and gearboxes feature unique serial numbers.

ISO standards and food approved

High quality doesn’t arise on its own. It requires hard work and a passion for precision. Our quality assurance system is ISO 9001-certified, just as our environmental management system is ISO 14001-certified and food approved.


Food approval


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