Customized Gears and Transmission Solutions for Industry Leaders

We are specialists with over 100 years of experience and long-term customer relationships, and we understand your company's need for a smooth and safe operation. We produce customer-specific, cylindrical and bevel gears as well as transmission solutions. We optimise the products in close cooperation throughout the production process. In this way, we can both reduce production costs and extend the lifecycle of components, ensuring minimal environmental impact over the product lifecycle. Today, we supply several brands such as ABB, Atlas Copco and Epiroc and our customers see us as a dependable partner offering great reliability of supply.

Heavy industry production gears
heavy industry production


When developing new products, our specialists advise on design for manufacturing, choice of material, quality requirements, specifications and heat treatment based on your designs and what the individual product is to be used for. Improvements and technical innovation are important points for the development of gears and transmission solutions. In collaboration with our customers, we develop the most cost-effective solution with a focus on the entire product lifecycle.

With technology such as split gears, downtime and financial costs associated with breakdowns or maintenance are significantly reduced. Split gears can usually be replaced without changing other follower components.


Our gears and components fully meet the high quality requirements of the heavy industry, as well as the conditions for a fully automated system for traceability:

  • EN10204: 3.1 + 3.2 certificates
  • Classification from LLOYD, DNV GL, etc.

We have been both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for more than 10 years, and we are recently also ISO 45001-certified.

We operate with a complaint rate of less than 0.2% of our turnover and use our high-tech measuring machines from Klingelnberg and Zeiss to conduct quality assurance of precision and tolerances before the order is shipped. To ensure future traceability, all items are laser engraved before the final inspection. We can also engrave the items with a host of customer information, logos and QR codes.

In close cooperation with our European suppliers, who focus on reliability of supply and sustainability, we ensure delivery of all components at the agreed time, quality and specification.

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We produce various types of gears and transmissions.
Contact our specialists for further information.


Size Ø < 1400 mm
Tooth length < 500 mm
Module 1-20


Spiral-bevel gears
Size Ø < 800 mm
Tooth length < 160 mm
Module 1-8

Straight bevel gears
Size Ø < 760 mm
Tooth length < 160 mm
Module 1-12

Read more about Bevel Grears

Split gears

Straight toothing
Size Ø < 700 mm
Tooth length < 500 mm


Size Ø  < 600 mm
Tooth length < 160 mm
Module 1-12


Size Ø < 1000 mm
Tooth length < 500 mm


Oil pumps and complete gearboxes, incl. axles and gears according to desired specifications.

Valuable collaboration

Our know-how has been built through 100 years of experience and a continuous focus on technological development and innovation. It is of great benefit to our customers that we are specialists in the mix of quality craftsmanship and technology, and continuously optimise products and processes in collaboration with the customer.

Whether you are in the purchasing, quality or development department, we ensure an uncomplicated collaboration. Our customers see the partnership with us as reliable and valuable at all stages of the process, from initial customer contact to punctual delivery of the order.


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