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When you partner with Randers Gears, we optimise your entire value chain with a mix of know-how, craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Traceability is in our DNA. We document traceability through 3.1 and 3.2 certified materials as well as classification through LLOYD, DNV. We have been both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for more than 10 years, and we are recently also ISO 45001-certified.

Through continuous work on the green transition and our launch of climate accounts, we strive to create sustainable solutions with a focus on reducing the overall CO2 footprint in our customers' value chains.


With our focus on detail, together we optimise the processes from purchasing to precise delivery – whether the need is for a single product, a total transmission solution or a framework agreement with warehousing.

Our documented optimisations make the benefits and values involved in working with us visible. The solutions range widely from, for example, digitalisation of the purchasing process, to re-design or innovation of products so that they are both energy-efficient and cost-optimised.

As part of our technological development, we have just upgraded our machine park with a Klingelnberg Viper 500 W, which is prepared for automation so that it can run unmanned. When it comes to producing high-precision gears in Classes 2 and 3, it is second to none.


We appreciate our professional and highly-educated employees by focusing on learning and continuing education, and we prioritise creating a day-to-day atmosphere shaped by employee involvement in a flat hierarchy. Our focus on sustainable development goals 4 and 8 is evident through our social responsibility:  We provide further training for our employees and work continuously to improve our team and maintain motivation. This supports targets 4.3-4.5 as well as no. 8.4 on decent work and economic growth.

The maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment emphasising freedom with responsibility under applicable collective agreements has an effect on the entire organisation. At the same time, it leads to positive results all the way from the employees to the customers and beyond, into society and the economy at large.

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